Connecting All Warehouse
Data in Real-time

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Holiconnect: Connecting All Warehouse Data in Real-time

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About Holiconnect

Introducing Holiconnect, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of supply chain logistics. Our comprehensive solution leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) -based asset tracking, transforming and elevating warehouse operations to new heights.

With Holiconnect, we empower you to experience real-time visibility and control over your entire facility. From monitoring high-value areas to tracking asset movements and deterring unauthorized access, Holiconnect offers a seamless experience that drives operational excellence

Your Challenges :

  • Inability to track men & machines in real-time.
  • Control access to high-value zones. 
  • Employee and visitor safety during contingencies. 
  • Preventing loss and theft of valuable items.

Impact on Your Business:

  • Loss of Security & Increased Risk
  • Compromised Safety
  • Inefficient Resource Management
  • Loss Due to Theft & Misplacement

Holiconnect Powerful BLE Based Solution:

Holiconnect Powerful BLE Based Solution:

Benefits For Your Business

Why Choose
Holisol’s Holiconnect

What sets us apart is our innovative approach, backed by our in-house testing and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Holisol’s Holiconnect is a trusted and reliable solution that brings together a wealth of industry experience and customer-centric design

Leveraged our years of experience & deep knowledge of customer business and existing tech to design a solution which adapt to your need, not other way around

Committed to stay at the forefront of technology advancements & market trends

Consistently investing in innovation to enable access of cutting-edge solutions to the customers

Holiconnect: Powered by HINA

Experience the power AI/BI enabled technology, increased efficiency, reduced cost of operations and improved visibility.

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