Streamlines Field Operations &
Enhances Efficiency in Last Mile Delivery

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Streamlines Field Operations & Enhances Efficiency in Last Mile Delivery

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Holiship Transforming
the Last Mile Operations

Holiscope Transforming the Last Mile Operations In the fast-paced world of last-mile operations, efficient and streamlined field operations are paramount to success. However, traditional methods of manual job allocation, lack of real-time visibility, and challenges in managing cash on delivery remittances can hinder performance and increase complexities.

But fear not, for Holiscope is here to revolutionize last-mile operations and overcome these challenges.With cutting-edge features like dynamic route optimization, real-time rider tracking, and automated cash reconciliation, Holiscope is the ultimate solution to enhance efficiency and streamline field operations.

We understand Your Last Mile
Operations Challenges

We understand Your Last Mile Operations Challenges

Optimize Your Last Mile Operations with Holiship

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Experience the Power of Holiship

By addressing the critical challenges of last-mile operations, Holiship ensures seamless delivery processes, accurate documentation, and enhanced customer experiences. Elevate your last-mile operations with Holiscope and stay ahead of the competition in this dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape

Holiship: Powered by HINA

Enabled by the power of AI/BI-enabled technology – HINA is an intelligent digital assistant providing control tower functionality for your logistics operations using internal and external data sources like weather, festivals, social media and more.

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What sets us apart is our innovative approach, backed by our in-house testing and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Holiship is a trusted and reliable solution that brings together a wealth of industry experience and customer-centric design.

Leveraged our years of experience & deep knowledge of customer business and existing tech to design a solution which adapt to your need, not other way around

Committed to stay at the forefront of technology advancements & market trends

Consistently investing in innovation to enable access of cutting-edge solutions to the customers

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