Implementation of “e-Logistics platform” for a motorcycle manufacturer to reduce time & cost in outbound operations

Project Description

About the customer:

A leading premium Indian motorcycle brand.

Customer challenges:

  • Over clustering and not a proper put away of bikes after the production
  • High pick time, wrong picking and non-maintenance of FIFO
  • No control over dock utilisation
  • Heavy traffic and more dwell time of trucks within the factory
  • High information lead time & inaccurate ETAs
  • Disjointed collaboration between different stakeholders within the outbound process

Holisol solution:

To address the customer challenges, we developed & implemented a tech enabled solution “e-logistics” (web & app-based platform).

With e-logistics we digitised the outbound process and connected the different transactional point in the system. All the processes were brought together on a single platform for higher visibility & efficient operations management.

This is how we transformed each process associated with outbound operations:

Yard management: For full visibility of available space in the yard all the activities were mapped into the system. The yard was divided into grids and during put away the QR codes were scanned by the app with recording of latitude-longitude to identify the correct location of bike.

Order management: Orders were pushed from SAP to our system which helped in:

  • Identifying the vehicles to be loaded
  • Pushing the pick  list on the handhelds of picker
  • Picking of the bike through QR code scanning
  • Planning the resources for packaging & dock management
  • Monitoring the efficiency and utility of the docks

Dock management: Docks were utilised properly as the system started recording the time taken for loading every truck.

Transportation management: Mapped all the transport vendors, vehicles and driver details in the system. Tracks the vehicles from the time of allocation, gate in to gate out, till the time it delivers at the depot.

System based management & monitoring: Activities like pick up from factory, yard delivery, pick up from yard, delivery to dealer, exception alert for higher dwell time of truck, auto generation & verification of the invoices, were executed via system.

People management: For better collaboration within the stakeholders each process was monitored with the time stamp. KPIs were closely monitored and proactive heads up were given to the customer in case there was a need of training to improve the performance.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Ease out of critical spaces within the factory by 80%
  • Ease of sequencing of vehicles
  • Minimised wrong picking
  • Picking time reduced to 40%
  • 100% SKU wise stock visibility
  • 50% reduction in detention cost & time in first 3 months
  • Reduced fragmented stock of finished goods and maintained FEFO
  • Achieved control on TAT of shipments
  • Improved prediction of estimated date and time of delivery
  • Simplified the transporters contract management
  • Access to real time freight data and analysis
  • Increased manpower productivity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced dealer call to customer service

Growing partnership with the customer:

Currently, we have done this at the factory and primary transport level. The ROI of the software has been established and the customer has now given the go-ahead to implement this software at the 29 depots across the country and the secondary transport. They want to develop more features into the system so that they can monitor the last leg much better. While doing this we have also got the opportunity to set-up & manage their depots.

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